Association for Managers of Innovation

A special message for Association for Managers of InnovationA keynote designed exclusively for Association for Managers of InnovationYour audience will be raving!✓ Learn the ten myths of innovation ✓ Learn the results from a NASA study that can absolutely make you a...

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Garbage In, A Billion Dollars Out

Of all the places you might search for ideas and inspiration for your new innovative product, chances are you wouldn’t look in the garbage.  But here’s a true story where some stale tortillas tossed into the trash led to a product that sells an...

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Your Very First Exam And The Butterfly Effect

I like the idea that everything matters. That each of us – through the work we do, through even our seemingly inconsequential interactions – has an impact on others. And furthermore, that it’s not just the work we do, but that our efforts and...

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The Woman Whose Magic Is 5X Stronger Than Steel

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Ray Bradbury Every kid in the 5th grade class saw the magic happen. Their teacher had invited a guest visitor into the classroom that day. The guest was an elderly woman,...

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Karma, And Why My Ex-Boss May Go To Jail

I’ve always loved the song Instant Karma by John Lennon. Instant Karma's gonna get you / Gonna look you right in the face / Better get yourself together darlin' / Join the human race Karma is the concept of “what goes around comes around.” As...

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The Product Roadmap of You

Let’s say you started here. A frail chronically sick kid. Continuous coughs, frequent colds, bouts of fevers, diarrhea. Asthma so bad, at times your family fears it’ll be fatal. Sometimes it feels like you’re being suffocated with a pillow...

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