by reimagining Product Development and Marketing

Hi, I’m Tom.
I help companies 10X their growth by collaboratively reimagining two vital areas of their business – Product Development and Marketing.


A key participant in two global technology revolutions – less invasive medical devices and the Internet/software. 25 years growing businesses for leading innovative companies, pioneered evolving markets, and drove revenue by collaboratively leading two fundamental business drivers – Product Development and Marketing.

As described by Tim Brown, the CEO of IDEO – this broad background has resulted in a “T-Shaped Star” with two kinds of characteristics. The vertical stroke of the “T” is the depth of skill that allows me to contribute to the technical, business and creative process. The horizontal stroke of the “T” is the disposition for collaboration across disciplines.

On a personal note, I built a submarine while in high school (it sank), wrestled in the Olympic Trials (got beat), worked for my childhood hero (Jacques Cousteau was a Director), and went on to help manage a lot of GREAT innovative products (yeah!).

Breadth & Depth

Oversaw dozens of innovative products within different industries, incl: software, professional services, medical device, defense, etc.

Uniquely Experienced

B2B & B2C. Fortune 100 & entrepreneurial startups. Corporate & Consulting.


Experienced bringing the team’s skills, ideas and personality styles together to generate ideas and solve problems.



I help large organizations act more nimbly and small companies scale. Have launched numerous technology products and led cross-functional teams. Have been a part of some remarkable technology and business growth success stories (as well as some misfires).

Most importantly, I can help your company significantly grow – often by a factor of 10X.

  • Key participant for innovative companies during two global technology revolutions
  • Collaboratively led Product Development and Marketing for numerous products, incl. s/w, IT services, medical device, aerospace, marine industries
  • Seybold Award for product launch
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Responsible for $75m P&L
  • BS Engineering & MBA

Specialties: | General Management | VP Marketing | VP Business Development | VP Product Development | Technology | Commercialization | Strategic Planning | Partnership Development | Revenue Growth | Product Value Proposition | Competitive Positioning | Program Management | Vendor Management | Account Management | Operations Management | Contract Negotiation


Expand the thinking of what’s possible. Recombine what exists into something entirely new. Make it a habit to generate lots of ideas. Be inspired – you’re shepherding something important into the future.

Be bold. Create. Make a difference.

Product Development

Know this – it’s hard work. You’re forging a new creation. If you want to build something really great (and you do, or else why do it) everything matters. Collaborate intensely. Sweat the details. Continually ask how to improve the work.

Turn an idea into something (great).


The difference between success and oblivion. Pick your market. What does your product or service hugely change? Why should the world care? Compellingly and convincingly tell the story. Build a meaningful and lasting relationship with your customer. Overwhelm them with quality and beauty.

Create a movement.


What does success look like? How will you go from point A to point B, and beyond? Your strategy allows you to remain nimble, yet deploy your resources for maximum gain.

Win in the long run.


As a participant in two technology revolutions, and as a life-long learner, it’s a privilege to share many of the fascinating stories and lessons. Drawn from real-world examples and conveyed in a wholly relatable manner, the keynotes are entertaining and impactful.

Running in Support of Cancer Survivors and Challenged Athletes


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